Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Adventure to Asia

Exciting and crazy things have been happening in the last few days, and I thought it was only fitting to share with you all that I'm off on a spontaneous adventure to Asia, leaving tomorrow! I'll be backpacking around Japan and South Korea for 1 month with my sister, visiting ancient temples, eating yummy sushi, and just generally having a good ol' time exploring.

My sister, Hannah, has been on solo trip travelling the world for a few months now, blogging about her journey as she goes along, staying in hostels and taking each day as it comes (check out her blog - My Happy Rucksack to learn more about it). I admire her bravery to book a one way ticket, so I guess seeing her out there having an incredible time has made my wanderlust all the more powerful!

I've visited Japan before as part of a British Council Project during my school years, and even though I spent only one week in the northern region of Sendai, I had the most life changing experience with memories I will carry for the rest of my life. Being such a young age of 14 and travelling alone to Japan made my independence grow enormously and especially with everything that has been going on lately, I feel I need to seize every opportunity to gain back some of that independence by trying new things and leaping out of my comfort zone. Who knows, maybe this trip will help me along my journey of self discovery?!

So, whats next for Victoria Rose? I hope to keep you updated as I travel, blogging about beauty and food, also providing you with helpful tips for all those fellow wanderers out there. Be sure to check out my Instagram too to have a look at what I've been getting up to!

Sayonara my lovelies!

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

We Need To Talk About Anxiety

This is quite a challenging post for me to write, not nearly because anxiety such a taboo topic in todays society, but because it's something that has affected my daily life quite drastically over the last 7 months. I don't want people to see this as a pity post by any means, I just hope I can express the importance of Mental Health Awareness Week by sharing my story.

I've always felt a little embarrassed to divulge into my emotional state of mind, even with family and close friends because I hate to be a burden, but I guess it's got to the point where I'm exhausted from bottling up my emotions and putting on a happy face just to mask the problems from everyone. As I've slowly started to confide in more people, I feel that now is the opportune moment for me to tell you about what's been going on.  It's taken a lot of self courage to do this, but hopefully being more open with my feelings will help me on the road to recovery (so please bare with me!!)  Here goes...

As some of you may know, I started university last September, on a course that I hoped would advance into a fashion journalism career. A couple of weeks in, and I soon realised the course wasn't really what I expected. The pressure started to mount as the deadlines rolled in, yet I tried my hardest to soldier on, hoping that maybe next semester would be different. My blog writing, ironically,  became pretty terrible hence I stopped blogging altogether, a hobby that I once loved and enjoyed. I guess if I feel unmotivated, my writing will be pretty un-inspiring reflecting that!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Concealing Dark Circles

Dark under-eye circles: They're the bane of every girls existence. I've tried everything under the sun in attempt to combat mine, but they linger on in there and make me look half zombie (at the best of times). Couple this with pale skin, and I'm practically living proof that the next zombie apocalypse is emerging - I  just want to look awake, not awakening the dead!

If you were born with hideous hereditary dark circles like me, or simply don't get enough winks every night to call it beauty sleep (who does really nowadays), you'll be looking as fresh as a daisy in no time with my easy steps to dark eye destruction...